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True Potential Chiropractic -  Serving Columbia Falls & the Flathead Valley

Helping the people of Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Kalispell, and the Flathead Valley reach their True Potential

Many professional athletes utilize chiropractic care to maximize their performance.  With modern chiropractic care from True Potential Chiropractic in Columbia Falls, MT you too can reach your true potential. True Potential Chiropractic is a wellness based clinic serving the Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Kalispell, and surrounding Flathead Valley region.  Whether you aim to increase your athletic performance, or to just feel your best, True Potential Chiropractic can help you to achieve your goals. Dr Alex Lundbohm and the staff at True Potential Chiropractic invite you and challenge you to reach for your true potential.


“Dr. Alex didn’t just want me to have temporary relief; rather he wanted to figure out what the actual cause of the problem was so that it could be properly addressed.  He really took the time to find the cause, then sat me down and gave me a great explanation of what was really going on – and it all made perfect sense!  Dr. Alex set me up on a plan to not just make me feel better but to get me functioning better so I can be healthier.  It wasn’t long before the symptoms began to decrease and I was really starting to feel the difference.” ~ Greg


“For the last 30 years I suffered with low back pain.  One day, I began experiencing sharp pains in my back causing me not be able to stand up.  I went to a medical doctor who suggested surgery.  I decided to see Dr. Alex, instead.  We went through a 4 month care plan and at the end of it, I felt great.  Not only had my back pain gone away, but the acid reflux I had been struggling with daily for years was also gone.” ~ Joe



“I was in a car accident over 40 years ago and have been having neck problems ever since.  I began seeing Dr. Alex two years ago, and after only a couple of moths my range of motion in my neck improved drastically.  In addition, having adjustments on a regular basis has improved my overall health and my energy has increased tremendously!” ~ Wendy