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Challenge the Status Quo

For a 20 year span (1920's-1940's) cigarette companies used doctors in their ads to promote their product. Obviously we can look back now and see how silly that seems. Yet, when it was happening, the general public was just accepting it. Cigarettes aren't the only example either. How many other drugs can you think of that used to be the "next best drug to cure...." and now its off the market because it turned out to be more harmful than helpful?

Here is a link that TIME did regarding the topic of cigarette ads back then:,29307,1848212_1777633,00.html

Today we aren't hit with ads like those anymore, yet we are exposed to ads at a significantly more alarming rate. Depending on the the source, its estimated an average person in the US will see/hear somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day. With many of those ads being pharmaceutical ads.

The United States and New Zealand are the only two developed countries to allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to you, the consumer.

-Food and Drug Administration

This is creating a drug happy; a pill or shot will solve all your problems (forget about changing your horrible habits or lifestyle) America. These ads are convincing Americans that they need this drug (or else...)long before they even visit with their doctor. Americans are 5% of the world population, yet we consume 75% of the world's prescription drugs. So how do we match up against the rest of the world.

Infant mortality rate: 29th of 35.*

INFANTS!!!!!! Brand new to this world, theoretically should have no problems if the mother was responsible, and we can not keep them alive. I wonder why...? (whole other topic)

Life expectancy: 26th of 35.*

Health expenditures: 1st of 35*

* report/comparison-with-other-nations

What I would like you to do for the remainder of your time while reading this article is to just throw out everything you think you know; wipe the slate clean. (Its like a new recruit in the military, all possessions are taken away, given new clothes and hair is cut. A fresh start.) You are free to go back to your own beliefs after this article. I am going to do my best to give you scientific facts and truths in this article an not give you my opinion.

So where should we start, well at the beginning of course; procreation! A sperm and egg cell combine to form the first cell of a new human being. This one cell now contains EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that a new human is going to need to survive for the rest of its life, all it needs is the right circumstances. (How else could we have made it through thousands of years before all this modern technology.) Isn't the thought that one cell can turn into 90 trillion cells all working together and independently, at the same time, to form a functioning human being in only 9 months just mind blowing?!

It starts by copying itself, over and over again until we have relatively large ball of cells that are all identical. Then the miracle happens. All those identical cells start to differentiate to form all the necessary cells in the body. Most of this process is directed by the notochord, which is later replaced by the spine and the central nervous system.

Directions from the foreman (notochord) during fetal development:

"This group form 2 eyes and right in the exact spot so they fit into the eye sockets and not where the ears are. This group over here, form a hand on the end of that arm, 5 fingers not 4 or 6. In that hand I need bones, muscles, skin, nerves, blood vessels, blood, fingernails etc. and make sure the bones only grow so long and then stop but keep the fingernails growing forever."

This is happening everywhere in the body, organs are forming, systems are forming and they are connected with each other and being controlled and directed by our central nervous system.

We are created, by design, to be healthy!!!

We were created by design to be healthy, it is our birth right. Conditions like, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol etc that are considered genetic traits are no longer considered that (research epigeneitics). Normal is healthy, and healthy is normal. Good hearts don't malfunction and good knees don't hurt. Aches, pains and diseases are not normal and they are not healthy. We are designed to live in a state of harmony within the body. Yet from the moment we are born we are already stressing the body by one, if not, all three types of possible stresses: physical stress(the delivery process), chemical stress (shots, medications or formula) and emotional stress (if a baby is crying imagine what that does to its hormone levels/balance).

This takes our body from a state harmony and puts it into a state of dis-harmony. Do these stresses go away as we get older? No, they probably only get worse and worse. So it is our environment and the stress we choose to put on our body that causes it to malfunction.

When it comes to health and human function, it is really that easy and its been that way for thousands of years. Give the body proper nutrients, rest, exercise and a positive mentality. Because a properly functioning control system (central nervous system) can take that and keep a body functioning in harmony, not dis-harmony. However, if your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) are not functioning properly they the entire body can not function to its fullest potential no matter how much exercise, organic food, or happy thoughts you have.

Lastly, the only way to know if your nervous system is functioning without interference on it is to have it checked. The only profession trained and licensed to properly do this is Chiropractic. See your local chiropractor to have your spine checked for nervous system interference.

So the next time see an ad or read an article or get advice from a "professional" don't be afraid to challenge the status quo and ask yourself, "Is this really what my body needs to be healthy, or is there money to be made off of me if I take what I'm being sold?" There is a cost to being healthy, but spend your money wisely, not blindly.

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