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New Patients

Here is what to expect as a new patient in our office:

First visit

The first visit is an information gathering visit.  We will provide a no-charge consultation, and conduct an exam and x-rays if necessary.  We do not typically adjust on the first visit, we need to understand the state of the condition and determine if chiropractic is what you need before we can begin treatment.

Second visit

Here, we will go over the report of findings together so that you are aware of your current state of health and have an understanding of next steps.  If it is determined that chiropractic care may help you, and you are accepted as a patient at True Potential Chiropractic, you will receive your first adjustment. 


Third visit

Here you will be given your recommended treatment plan to get you back to a healthy state.  At this point, you will have all the information you need to choose how you would like to proceed in the future.

True Potential Chiropractic Xray Room
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