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Pregnancy: Part 3

Finally the moment we had all been waiting for!!!! Baby Paige was born on Friday, December 8th. The father, Greg, kept me informed during the process, letting me know that everything was going smoothly. So, once I finished adjusting patients that day, I made my way to the hospital to check on mom and the baby. Everybody was doing excellent. Paige received her first spinal check up and a light adjustment was made in a couple of spots. Erin also got an adjustment to help ease some of the tension from labor. Fast forward 5 more days and Paige and company make their way into the office. Paige receives another light adjustment. She is doing great; sleeping well, feeding and messing up

Pregnancy: Part 2

We caught up with Erin on the day after her expected due date and she is still pregnant. She has just come from her appointment with her OBGYN. She said that everything is going well and the baby could come anytime. Erin had some complaints of tension and soreness in her upper back and neck because she is unable to find a comfortable position for any length of time. With a few adjustments we were able to ease much of the discomfort she was feeling. Erin said that her low back was feeling pretty good overall. With a quick assessment and a couple small adjustments her back and pelvis were in great alignment and best prepared for the moment she goes into labor. She is scheduled for anothe